About us

Let us take you on your life time trip into the beauty of the Amazon rain forest and river system. Our experienced team can get you the best out of your expectation, time frame and budget.

We are specialized in Amazon jungle tours, Amazon river cruises, peacock bass fishing trips, jungle expeditions, bird watching tours, kayak tours, day tours and more.

We support sustainable tourism with social inclusion of the local and indigenous population.

We work together with BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Arte TV and other TV stations.

We offer airport transfers, hotel reservations, car and boat charter.
We sell bus, boat and airline tickets.

Phone / WhatsApp English: +55 92 99190-5070
Phone / WhatsApp Portuguese: +55 92 99509-9345

Skype: manausbooking

Email: manausbooking@gmail.com

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